How to Install Rokkr on iOS?

Rokkr is a multifaceted application that can easily be downloaded and installed on different platforms. If you want to download and install the Rokkr TV app on your iOS device, here’s are the simple steps that you have to follow. If Rokkr on Firestick is down, this can be an exceptional option too.


Rokkr on iOS

  • To start, launch your iOS App Store.
  • On its search area, write down Rokkr using the keyboard of your phone.
  • You can see the Rokkr as the first thing that displays in the results. Download the Rokkr TV app first and when it gets completed, open the app by hitting the open button.
  • The home screen of Rokkr will seem empty, but after a few minutes, it will change. Hit the plus (+) icon.
  • You’ll probably be redirected to the page here Rokkr will command you for installing a bundle. Click on the Enter URL area for typing.
  • Type on the URL field.
  • Lastly, hold on until a few minutes so everything can get load.
  • And that’s it you’re all set! Your Rokkr TV app is successfully get installed on your iOS device.


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